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Retirement Report 2017: Mindful Retirement

Tying in with Mental Health Awareness Week, Scottish Widows has taken a closer look at mental health and finance by exploring stress levels and retirement. Scottish Widows commissioned a psychological experiment with a leading behavioural psychologist and together with national survey data, the analysis reveals interesting insight, including that nearly one third of people get stressed just thinking about their savings for retirement.

Mindful Retirement infographic

Social experiment

A clinical experiment, designed by behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, observed 54 men and women aged between 35 and 45 from across the UK as they watched films illustrating two opposing retirement situations. Scientists monitored and analysed the group’s reaction to the videos.

Mental health and saving for retirement

Volunteer Josh Rufus, Mindful Retirement Study 2017

Josh Rufus, 42, from London was one of 54 volunteers who took part in Scottish Widows’ ‘Mindful Retirement’ study which observed the links between mental health and being financially prepared for retirement.

How stress is monitored, Mindful Retirement Study 2017

Wired up to oximeters that measured their pulse rates, scientists monitored signs of relaxation and stress amongst all volunteers, including facial movements and body language.