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Multi-Manager Funds

Fund name KII documents by share class
Global Real Estate Securities Fund
International Equity Fund
UK Equity Focus Fund
UK Equity Growth Fund
UK Equity Income Fund

Download PDF Download the Multi-Manager Funds ICVC Prospectus

Supplementary Investor Information Document

The Supplementary Investor Information Document (SIID) is designed to be read alongside the relevant Key Investor Information documents (KIID). Together, they summarise important information about the Scottish Widows Unit Trust Managers Limited OEIC and ISA funds that are currently available for you to invest in, and provide answers to some important questions.

SIID for Multi-Manager and Investment Portfolio investment companies with variable capital (ICVCs)

Transaction costs

Transaction costs are incurred by our Funds when the fund managers buy and sell investments. Please refer to this document for the transaction costs for your fund(s).

Download PDFScottish Widows Transaction Costs (56336)