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Pension Basics in 30 Seconds

It's good to have a plan for your future. Whether you're years from retirement or about to retire, it's important to have all the information available to make the right decisions. Explore our Pension Basics in 30 seconds and take your first step towards a plan.

How Britain's career paths are changing

Britons are now looking forward to a longer working life, with many of them inspired by celebrities and sports stars who have "retired" young from their first career and followed a passion to reinvent themselves.

The retirement revolution

The way we look at retirement is changing. Almost half of the nation's retirees are redefining the end of their working lives, with almost one in 10 choosing to change careers and one in 20 starting their own business.

Women's retirement plans reach an all-time low

Our 2013 Women and Pensions Report show that the number of women planning adequately for retirement is at an all-time low and remains well behind the planning levels of their male counterparts. Just 40% of women – compared to 49% of men – are planning adequately for later life, a drop from 42% last year and 50% in 2011.