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The Centre for the Modern Family was established in 2011 to improve our understanding of the family in the 21st century. This year, for the first time, we’ve been working with real families from across the country to delve deeper into the impact which societal and situational change can have on our lives. Representing all walks of life, our Family Panel members have helped us to shape our research and recommendations by sharing their own personal experiences.

We will be working with these families to see how their situations change over time. Exploring everything from the impact of reaching major personal milestones to grappling with a tough economic environment, we hope to shed light on the aspirations and fears of our nation, so we can not only help families adapt to new circumstances today, but protect future generations from difficulty.

Meet the families

Zaheer and Mariam, Greater Manchester

Zaheer and Mariam Zaheer and Mariam live in Greater Manchester with Rayyaan, their new-born baby. They’re a financially savvy family, who prioritise supporting relatives and planning for the future.

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Nicola and Paul, Milton Keynes

Nicola and Paul Nicola and Paul live in Milton Keynes with their two teenage children, Tenetia and Rhys, and grandson Kayden. Nicola is disabled and unable to work, and they struggle to make ends meet from month to month.

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Maria and Charlene, Kent

Maria and Charlene Maria and Charlene from Kent have two children, both of whom have special needs. They’re careful with their finances, keeping a close eye on their outgoings with a trusty spreadsheet.

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Mike and Nikki, Lincolnshire

Mike and Nikki Mike and Nikki live in Lincolnshire with their three children. They’re not active savers, preferring to ‘live for the moment’.

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Claire and Peter, London

Claire and Peter Claire and Peter come from London and have two children, Manus and Lexie. They’re smart with their money and invest in saving for their future.

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Jessica and Richard, Yorkshire

Jessica and Richard Jessica and Richard are from Yorkshire and live above the pub they run together, with their two year old daughter Lily. They are financially secure at the moment but find the future worrying.

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Jon and Emma, Suffolk

Jon and Emma Jon and Emma are from Suffolk and have two children. They are very financially stable. They are very open about their finances with their children.

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Joanne and Matthew, London

Joanne and Matthew Joanne and Matthew are from London and have two children, Joseph and Hannah. They are financially stable but are careful when it comes to saving money.

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Maria and Christopher, London

Maria and Christopher Maria and Christopher live in London with their two daughters, Ella and Lauren. They are very secure financially and save regularly.

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John and Joanna, London

John and Joanna John and Joanna live in in London with their three children, Rufus, Flynn and Lyra. Joanne is a stay at home mother, and while they own their own home, they are not naturally savers.

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