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What is the objective of the Centre for the Modern Family?

Our mission is to improve the understanding of the challenges facing British families – providing insight and perspectives for Government, businesses, media, communities and faith groups to help improve family lives.

What is the Centre for the Modern Family planning to do next?

Family represents the very first output of the Centre for the Modern Family. The Centre will continue to support baseline research on changing family structures and public attitudes towards families.

A great many ideas for future exploration were discussed at the first panel meeting, however, the Centre is committed to the following themes:

  • Resilience – what makes a successful family and how well equipped are families to survive the current economic environment?
  • Social mobility – what impact do evolving family types and attitudes have on social mobility?
  • Ageing society – what additional challenges do new family types pose to the UK’s ageing society?
  • Childcare – what new challenges do families face in accessing childcare?

Why are we commissioning this project?

We are living in a time of unprecedented change, not just for the pensions and insurance industry, but for the UK economy and British society as a whole.

As one of the UK's leading life, pensions and investments businesses, it is vitally important that we understand the changing world that our customers live in.

Unless we understand our customer base, we cannot change behaviours. By understanding what motivates people to make financial decisions, and the barriers they face, we can tailor both products and the regulatory and Government agenda to build consumer trust.

How will we use the research?

We will use the findings of the research, and comments from the panel, to help examine the way we, as a business, support families.

Ultimately, we aim to utilise the research to help affect positive change relating to Britain’s savings culture – we will work with industry and the Government to make this happen.