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Helping your female employees plan a better retirement

With your help, your female employees can plan a better financial future

Our latest Women and Retirement Report reveals that women face more challenges than their male counterparts when it comes to retirement prospects. As an employer, there are things you can do to help address these.

Motherhood Matters and the Gender Savings Gap

How you can support your employees

As an employer, you can play a key role in encouraging your employees to think about retirement planning early on in their careers. From discussing maternity leave and Child Benefit to delivering pensions education in the workplace, your support now can make a real difference to their future.

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Other resources to support you

Research and Reports

We regularly research and report on a wide range of economic and financial issues. Our latest Women and Retirement Report provides analysis of the social, employment and legislative issues impacting women’s ability to save for their retirement.

Women and Retirement report


Our Spotlight articles focus on women’s prospects for saving into their workplace pension – from knowing their options to how they can save more.

Commonly asked questions

We’ve created some short films to answer a few of the key topics covered in our Women & Retirement Report. You may find these useful for discussing financial planning and retirement with your employees.

I work part-time how does this affect my pension?
What happens to my pension when I’m on parental leave?


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