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Can I do it?

First we need to see if you can combine your pensions with us.

Some plans we can’t accept. So please go through the details below to see if they apply to your plans. Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the terms below. We’ll explain how you get the answers.

Am I comfortable using this pension combining service without financial advice?

We don’t offer financial advice with this service. So you will be responsible for making your own financial decisions and their outcomes. If you are at all unsure about transferring, we recommend you seek financial advice.

Are you under 75 and normally live in the UK?

If you are, you can combine your pension with us.

Is there a minimum amount I can combine?

Unless you hold an existing workplace or a Retirement Account pension, the minimum you can combine with us is £10,000. This can be made up of one or more transfers.

Are there any pensions that can’t be combined?

You can’t use this service if the pension you are transferring falls into the following categories.

If you don’t know, don’t worry. We have a handy letter you can send to, or talk over with, your present provider so they can supply you with the answers you need.

  1. An employer is currently paying into your pension.
    We can’t accept pensions which still receive employer payments.
  2. Your pension is in a final salary scheme.
    Also known as a ‘defined benefit scheme’, these can be valuable and well worth keeping.
  3. It has a Guaranteed Annuity Rate, a Guaranteed Conversion Option, a Guaranteed Minimum Pension or Section 9(2B) Rights.
    If you’re not sure, ask your current provider.
  4. It’s already in drawdown.
    If you have an income you can vary or if you’ve received a tax free lump sum, but not taken any other income, you might be in drawdown. If you’re not sure, ask your current provider.
  5. It’s part of a block transfer.
    If you’re not sure, ask your current provider.
  6. It’s part of a pension sharing order.
    In other words, has the pension been divided up as part of a divorce settlement.
  7. We can’t accept transfers from an overseas pension.
  8. You can only transfer complete pension plans.
    In this service, you can’t transfer part of a pension plan to us. It has to be the whole plan.

Is your pension written under trust?

If it is, you'll need the trustees’ permission to transfer.

Now see if it’s right for you.

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