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Our eServices are available Mon–Fri 8am–8pm and Sat 8am–5pm. Some of our products may be available outside these hours.

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Getting help and support

If you need any help when using our online services, you can contact our Web Support team online using the log in or website help form. For general policy enquiries please use our policy enquiries form.

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Alternatively, you can contact our helpline on 0345 769 7888, which is open between 8am and 6pm weekdays and 9am and 12.30pm on Saturday.

Service availability

Our eServices are available Mon-Fri 8am–8pm and Sat 8am–5pm. Some of our products may be available outside these hours.

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How to enable cookies

When logging in or registering you may receive an error message entitled ‘for your information’. This could be because cookies aren’t enabled on your PC. Here is how to check and change your set-up to allow cookies, depending on which browser you are using.

Internet Explorer

  • click on 'Tools' on the toolbar
  • select 'Internet options' from the drop down menu
  • click on the tab labelled 'Privacy'
  • The slider bar controlling the level of security applied to the Internet is displayed. If this is set to ‘High’, cookies are disabled and you will be unable to login or register.

Mozilla Firefox

  • click on 'Tools' on the toolbar
  • select 'Options' from the drop down menu
  • click on the 'Privacy' icon.
  • Click on ‘Cookies’ and make sure 'Allow sites to set cookies' is ticked. Click on OK.

Numbered error messages

You may get error messages from time to time while using the online services. An error message will be displayed showing an error number and a phone number to call. When you call to report the problem please quote the error number displayed on screen. Error 7973 occurs when you are trying to access the service out of hours. Errors 99003, 99004 and 99005 mean that the link to our online services has been temporarily lost. You should try logging in again. Error 07909 means that we are having problems registering your details. You will need to call us so that we can check your details as held on our systems.

Policies you can view online

Policies and accounts currently available to view online are in the ranges:

Policy range start Policy range end
010001 233000
2410000 3999999
5800000 5999999
6020000 6499999
6500000 6899999*
8300000 9999999
7049001 7999999
10000002 99999999

* The range 6500000–6899999 applies to Capital Investment Bonds only.

Please note, if your policy number has any subsequent digits, e.g. 8300000/1-20, please ignore anything after the slash.

If your policy does fall within the above number ranges but has been assigned (e.g. to a bank for a mortgage), has a noted interest or belongs to an occupational scheme then you will not be able to view the details of that policy online.

If you are a member of an occupational pension scheme which has a policy number that falls within the above range, then you may be able to view the details of that policy online if the scheme trustees have given their permission. If they have, details of that policy will automatically be added to your login details and you will be able to view policy details in the same way as you can for your own policies. If the scheme trustees have not given their permission you will not be able to view details of that policy online.

Access to policies outside these number ranges is not yet available. Any expansion to the service will be advertised on the website.

What services are available?

The services available fall under two headings: enquiries and administration.

Enquiries you can make for the policy numbers detailed above

  • Policy details – basic details about your policy such as start and end dates.
  • Policy value – current value and value at any date in the past.
  • Policy benefits – details the various benefits attached to the policy e.g. pension, life assurance, waiver of premium, protected rights.
  • Unit history – a complete breakdown of all premiums paid into your policy including fund split, allocation details and deductions.
  • Payment enquiry – an up-to-date reflection of the payment status of your policy.

Administration tasks you can do:

  • change your address
  • change your contact details
  • change your PIN
  • change your direct debit details
  • request benefit statements
  • enquire on valuations at the latest authorised prices (investment products only)
  • request valuations at any dates in the past (investment products only)

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